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AnwenFair and beautiful.GirlWelsh
ArwenVariant of Arwenna. Muse.GirlWelsh
BronwenWhite, fair, blessed breast.GirlWelsh
BronwynOf pale skin or "white breasted"GirlWelsh
Brychan BoyWelsh
BrynnHill or moundGirlWelsh
CadenSpirit of Battle.BoyWelsh
Carys GirlWelsh
ColwynA river in Wales.BoyWelsh
DillanSea God. Variant of DylanBoyWelsh
DylanMan from the seaBoyWelsh
DyllanBorn from wavesGirlWelsh
EirlysSnow DropGirlWelsh
EmlynNoble WarriorGirlWelsh
KaydinFighter or companion. Variant of Kaden, Caden, Caiden, Kaiden.BoyWelsh
KynanChief, wisely intelligent.BoyWelsh
MabynEver young.GirlWelsh
MacsenVariant of Maximus. Meaning "Higher in Excellence" or "Greater in Excellence".BoyWelsh
MaddisynneAlternate Spelling: Madison. Son of Matthew.GirlWelsh
Merryn GirlWelsh
OlwynnAll white.GirlWelsh
PatrinaOf noble birth, one of purity, and beloved.GirlWelsh
RhearnMagic Madien or Little Flower.GirlWelsh
RhettEnthusiastic, stream.BoyWelsh
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