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AkeilaFrom the Arabic name Akilah meaning Wise: Bright: smart.GirlRussian
AlekseiDefender of MankindBoyRussian
AnoushkaLittle Anna.GirlRussian
AnuvaA new beginning.GirlRussian
AnzorFree. (derivative from Georgian Anzawir)BoyRussian
Ignacy BoyRussian
Karinna GirlRussian
Katarina GirlRussian
KiraSunshine or SunGirlRussian
LyubovLove. Alternate Spellings: Lyuba or Luba.GirlRussian
Mikeal BoyRussian
MischaI think that it means "little bear " Little fighter or something like thatBoyRussian
MisjaI think that it means "little bear " Little fighter or something like thatGirlRussian
NatalyaFirst born child. Christmas child.GirlRussian
Natosha GirlRussian
Nikita BoyRussian
Nikita GirlRussian
Oksana GirlRussian
StaciePrincess (from the name Anastacia)GirlRussian
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