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AmayahNight rain.GirlJapanese
AyameSilent butieGirlJapanese
EmikoSmiling blessed beautiful child.GirlJapanese
JiroSecond son.BoyJapanese
KaageShadow. Alternante Spelling: Kage.BoyJapanese
KamikoPaper GirlGirlJapanese
KeijiCautious ruler.BoyJapanese
KilalaOne with the catsGirlJapanese
KimikoChild without equal.GirlJapanese
MaiyaBeautiful forever.GirlJapanese
MichikoShe was the first commoner to become Emperess of Japan.GirlJapanese
MinekoBeautiful white peak of the mountain.GirlJapanese
MiyanaPeaceful Temple of GraceGirlJapanese
MiyuBeautiful moonGirlJapanese
Raidyngod of Thunder. Variant of Raiden.BoyJapanese
SachiHappiness, Blessing and Good FortuneGirlJapanese
SakuraCherry Blossom.GirlJapanese
TakaraPrecious stones or treasure.GirlJapanese
TSheykaMirrored image. Variant of Toshiko.GirlJapanese
YungFreedom, Peacemaker, The Beautiful One, Symbol: Weeping WillowBoyJapanese
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