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AbrianaVariant of Italian.GirlItalian
AlessandraItalian feminine form of Alexander (Protector of Mankind)GirlItalian
Alessia GirlItalian
AnnmarieVariant of Mary.GirlItalian
AntoneoVariant of Antonio, Inestimable.BoyItalian
Arianna GirlItalian
ArmonieA Priceless Gift From The HeavensGirlItalian
BelinaItalian for Beautiful, French for Goddess.GirlItalian
CiannaGod is gracious.GirlItalian
CianniGod is Gracious.GirlItalian
ConsolataDerived from the Spanish verb consolar / Latin verb consolare: "to counsel, to comfort."GirlItalian
DAngeloAngel MessengerBoyItalian
DomenickAlternate Spelling: Dominick, Dominic, Domenic, Dominik.BoyItalian
EnricoRuler of the householdBoyItalian
FrancescaFree spirit.GirlItalian
GalileoFrom GalileeBoyItalian
Giada GirlItalian
GianlucaJohn Luke.BoyItalian
GiannaGod is GraciousGirlItalian
GianniVariant of Giovanni, Italian version of English John.BoyItalian
Giavanna GirlItalian
GinoBorn Noble.BoyItalian
JiannaGod is Gracious.GirlItalian
JozefHe shall add.BoyItalian
LuccaBringer of light.BoyItalian
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