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Adrial BoyGreek
AlaylaWar goddess.GirlGreek
AleksandryaHelper and defender of mankind.GirlGreek
AlexanderProtector of Mankind. Alternate Spellings: Xander, Xane, Zane.BoyGreek
AlexysVariant of Alexus, Alexx, Alexxa, Alexandra, Alexxis, Alexis, Alexya, Alexyea, Alexyia, Alexys, Alexyss: Protector of mankindGirlGreek
AlysaPrincess. Variant of Alyssa, Alissa, Alisa.GirlGreek
ApolloniaGift from Greek god apollo. Strong.GirlGreek
AresGod of WarBoyGreek
AriadnaDaughter of MinosGirlGreek
AthenaGoddess of wisdom and warfare.GirlGreek
CaileyLark, musical one.GirlGreek
CalidanAlternate Spelling of: Calydon, Caledon.BoyGreek
CalixVery Handsome, Chalise.BoyGreek
CalliopeCalliope (also spelled Kalliope) was the Godees of Epic Poetry. Also the name of the musical piano for carnicals.GirlGreek
CalystaMost beautiful. Alternate Spelling: Calista.GirlGreek
Cassandra-AbigailThe meaning of Cassandra is is insightful and Abigail is Joyful so the meaning would be insightful & joyful good combination (this come from our book of baby name and the reason we combo the names)GirlGreek
CathennaVersion of Cassima, a greek princess. also version of Greek Athena. Godess of war and WisdomGirlGreek
CayleighPure Meadow: party: slender:GirlGreek
CelenaThe Moon.GirlGreek
ChristiannaSame as Christina/ChristopherGirlGreek
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