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AballachFather of ModronBoyArthurian Legend
AccalonLover of Morgan le FayBoyArthurian Legend
AcheflowWhite flowerGirlArthurian Legend
AdeA mistress of LancelotGirlArthurian Legend
AglaralBrother of PercivalBoyArthurian Legend
AglaraleBrother of PercivalBoyArthurian Legend
AglavalBrother of PercivalBoyArthurian Legend
AgravainBrother of GawainBoyArthurian Legend
AlainFrom Alain le Gros one of the Fisher kingsBoyArthurian Legend
AlbionBritainBoyArthurian Legend
AlbionaWhiteGirlArthurian Legend
AlexandreNephew of King MarkBoyArthurian Legend
AleynA Fisher kingBoyArthurian Legend
AlisBrother of CligesBoyArthurian Legend
AlixandreNephew of King MarkBoyArthurian Legend
AmrSon of ArthurBoyArthurian Legend
AndretKing Mark's nephewBoyArthurian Legend
AngharadA love of PeredurGirlArthurian Legend
AngharatA love of PeredurGirlArthurian Legend
AnglidesMother of AlexandreGirlArthurian Legend
AnguyshFather of IsoldeBoyArthurian Legend
AnirSon of ArthurBoyArthurian Legend
AnnaArthur's sisterGirlArthurian Legend
AntfortasKeeper of the grailBoyArthurian Legend
AntorFoster father of ArthurBoyArthurian Legend
ApolloUncle of TristanBoyArthurian Legend
ArganteName of a queenGirlArthurian Legend
ArthgalloHigh honorBoyArthurian Legend
ArthurNoble: courageous. Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights.BoyArthurian Legend
AstolatLady of Shalott who kills herself for the love of LancelotGirlArthurian Legend
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